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We’re sorry for any inconvenience, but the Organic Iced Mint & Vanilla Hand Cleanser has been discontinued.

However, my Foaming Hand Soap is rich and luxurious, containing a unique blend of organic essential oils to cleanse and soothe your hands without a strong lingering scent.

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USDA Certified Organic Iced Mint & Vanilla Hand Cleanser

Do You Make These Mistakes Cleansing Your Hands?

Organic Hand Cleanser

Ever since you were about three years old, cleaning your hands has likely been something you could probably do with your eyes closed. I suspect you don't think about it much…

Except for when you really need to – and adequate facilities to do so are lacking. So perhaps it's time to give it a second thought, and then consider what alternatives you have.

Why NOT Giving it a Second Thought is a Bad Idea

Even something that seems as simple as hand hygiene should be given a second thought occasionally. Because you could be making some potential mistakes.

There can be many reasons for glossing over it, of course.

Everyone's busy – I'm sure you are too. People become pre-occupied with all the daily demands on their lives. I'm sure you're no different. So you probably don't spend much time thinking about it. It's just a mindless routine.

But should it be?

Just spend a few moments with me to explore some hand hygiene habits you may have that you've simply never given a second thought.

Do You Cleanse Your Hands Enough?

Actually, I think most people believe it's important, but don't want to take the time. It's simply amazing how often people skip cleansing their hands because they're in such a hurry.

Way back in 1846, Dr. Igaz Semmelweis investigated a notorious maternity ward.

He advocated hand cleansing between delivering babies. Unfortunately he was punished for his keen insight by being fired from his job, being considered "a lunatic".

Now we know better – hopefully.

Personally, I'd rather take the time for hand hygiene than suffer the consequences of not doing so. Wouldn't you agree?

Not only is frequent hand cleansing important to your health, but you should be careful how you do it. Here's why…

You May be Inadvertently Poisoning Yourself with "Antibacterial" Hand Cleansers

Almost half of all hand cleansers sold in the United States contain antibacterial compounds.

'Antibacterial' probably sounds like a good thing. But don't rush to that conclusion…

Despite their prevalence, antibacterial soaps are – in my opinion – completely unnecessary. In fact, I believe they cause more harm than good.

You may really just be using these products because they've been marketed to you as effective and necessary.

But many scientists fear that their widespread use could lead to a strain of resistant bacteria, or "superbugs" – causing these ingredients to lose their effectiveness for times when they are really needed.

What's more, the first major test in which scientists attempted to evaluate these products in everyday in-home conditions showed that these antibacterial products apparently offer little benefit over traditional cleansers.

They discovered that regular (traditional) cleansers performed the same as these "antibacterial" cleansers.

Scientists concluded that antibacterials are best reserved for in-hospital use, and that everyday use is counter-productive.

Not only that, but you need to understand why antibacterial cleansers were developed…

Society's Obsession with Germs

Society is obsessed with germs, and on a constant search for keeping them at bay, no matter the extreme cost. Note the huge amount of marketing that goes into all types of personal hygiene products, cleaning products, and more. We have become a culture of cleanliness, to a fault.

And perhaps to our great disadvantage.

You see, a March 2008 Centers for Disease Control study concluded that 75% of Americans have detectable levels of the active ingredient of most antibacterial products in their urine. And other studies indicate that it can impair thyroid function – and cause central nervous system depression.

Further, combining some antibacterial ingredients with chlorinated water – which happens when using antibacterial cleansers with a public water supply – produces a specific type of dioxin that is believed to be particularly carcinogenic.

And What About Those Environmental Issues…

When the active ingredient in many antibacterial products is combined with sunshine, it can create carcinogenic dioxins, causing issues in our rivers and streams.

An estimated 95% of the products using antibacterial ingredients are disposed of by being washed down the drain – and eventually into our streams, rivers, and public water supply.

Thirty-year-old sediment from some river bottoms show traces of antibacterial ingredients, suggesting lengthy underwater longevity. These ingredients are toxic to certain algae at the bottom of our food chain, and are also showing up in humans at the top of the food chain.

Registered as a Pesticide

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has labeled an active ingredient in many antibacterial products as a pesticide. Its chemical formation and molecular structure are similar to some of the chemicals regarded as most toxic, like dioxins and PCBs.

In my opinion, it's a class of chemicals you're definitely better off without.

The bottom line is…

Do You Have an "It's Just Your Skin" Attitude?

If you're like many people, you really don't give much thought to your hands.

When it comes to your health, I trust that you wouldn't dream of ingesting antibiotics multiple times per day on an ongoing basis.

Yet millions of people routinely cleanse their hands with antibacterial products many times per day. I believe it's a mistake to think it doesn't matter because it's "just your skin".

After all, you DO want to be proud of how your hands look… and how they feel when you shake hands with someone. It's part of your public presentation. Part of what others will notice very quickly about you.

And it's something you can exert a considerable amount of control over.

So What Can You Use When You Can't Wash Your Hands with Soap and Water (Undisputably the Best Option)?

Waterless hand cleansers are very convenient for travel, soccer games, and a host of other times when soap and water are unavailable. There's no doubt about that.

However, because some hand cleansers contain antibacterial ingredients, I suspect that you will want to become a customer who reads labels very carefully. Even then, an antibacterial-free hand cleanser may be hard to find.

Therefore, I'm particularly pleased to be able to offer you a new hand cleanser that's completely organic – and designed specifically for your use when soap and water (the best option) aren't available.

All it takes is a drop the size of a raindrop to cleanse your hands with some amazing ingredients.

More on those in a moment, but first more about…

Avoiding Antibacterial Ingredients

Of course, one of the major benefits to you is what you don't get when you use Mercola Healthy Skin USDA Certified Organic Iced Mint & Vanilla Hand Cleanser.

You can decrease your exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals well-hidden in so many personal care products today… Some that are even listed as pesticides.

So what are your smart alternatives?

Eight Exceptional Organic Ingredients that Support Your Hands' Hygiene and Beauty

Replace antibacterial ingredients with these eight exceptional ingredients. You'll love how they support your hands with tender moisturizing cleanliness.

  • Organic Rice Bran Extract. The part of the rice richest in fat, a natural, expeller pressed oil. Highly regarded as beneficial for your skin – used in Japan as a skin and hair beauty enhancer, and throughout the world in cosmetics
  • Rice Bran Oil provides penetration with little greasiness, is especially beneficial for dry or mature skin, and provides smooth spreadability.

  • Organic Aloe Vera. Regarded by many as one of the most nutritionally alive plants on earth. Thought to help dissolve scaly or fatty substances on your skin, making it feel smoother and softer. What will it do for your skin? You be the judge.
  • Organic Chamomile. Soothes and conditions your skin. Contains bioflavonoids.
  • Organic Tea Tree Oil. Helps cleanse your hands.
  • Vanilla. Considered one of the most relaxing and romantic aromatherapy ingredients.
  • Organic Grain Alcohol. Helps cleanse your hands. (Also renders the product un-drinkable.)
  • Peppermint. Adds a refreshing aromatherapy scent.
  • Organic Vegetable Glycerin. A natural moisturizer for your skin.

Trade Those Potential Toxins for This Convenient Organic Waterless Cleanser

Today you have the opportunity to prepare for those times along the journey of life that you need a waterless hand cleanser… and now you have an organic option that you can have confidence in.

This all-organic cleanser has a refreshing scent – and will spread on easily and moisturize as it cleans. Especially during the drier fall and winter season, it's intended to help keep your hands looking younger.

And you can use it anywhere…

Use in All of Life's Locations

Well, you might not end up needing it in your own home. But how much time do you actually spend there anyway?

USDA Certified Organic Iced Mint & Vanilla Hand Cleanser belongs in your car, your handbag, your desk, your gym bag, and your kids' soccer bag. Put it in your suitcase when you fly.

It's ever so useful when your kids are snacking on the run before or after their ball games. Or before your pre-workout snack.

When traveling, restrooms are often dirty, crowded, inconvenient, and generally unpleasant. USDA Certified Organic Iced Mint & Vanilla Hand Cleanser is the perfect solution. Kept in your handbag or pocket, it's always there when you need it.

Even on a simple road trip, there's no telling when the rest area (or restaurant) will be out of soap.

Use it before meals any time you're away from home and don't have soap and water, and after leaving restrooms that don't have soap or paper towels. Just put a drop in your hand, and rub your hands together briskly in a "hand washing" motion.

If you are intent on avoiding antibacterial cleansers – which I hope you are – you could use USDA Certified Organic Iced Mint & Vanilla Hand Cleanser instead of the anti-bacterial cleansers.

The Holiday Travel Season is Coming on Fast… Order Today

The holidays are approaching quickly, along with their associated travel plans. Further, your trips to the gym and your kids' activities never quit.

So stock up on your supply of USDA Certified Organic Iced Mint & Vanilla Hand Cleanser right now while you're thinking about it, so you have it available whenever you need it.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience, but the Organic Iced Mint & Vanilla Hand Cleanser has been discontinued.

However, my Foaming Hand Soap is rich and luxurious, containing a unique blend of organic essential oils to cleanse and soothe your hands without a strong lingering scent.

Discover More About the Foaming Hand Soap

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